CGDA is a network of seasoned hunters willing to share their wisdom with you. Occassionally we have bird sources available for our members training needs. We are strictly nonprofit.

Our field trials typically run February through May. These trials are for fun and friendly competition and can also be used as a training experience, especially for the new member. During the rest of the year we have a summer picnic. We also have a booth at the International Sportsmens Exposition every year.

Give your dog a fighting chance in

Snake Encounters

We will be training at the West Side of Bass Pro Shops

June 6th and 7th, 2020

See the Snake Avoidance page for more information.

Colorado is home to many rattlesnakes. Every year, veterinarians treat dogs that have been bitten on local hiking trails, backyards or hunting fields. You can help your dog avoid a potentially deadly encounter by entering your dog in the CGDA Rattlesnake Avoidance Course. For more information contact us:


  Our club is for pointing dogs and is a non profit that has been around for over 25 years. We encourage all members to volunteer in some form for the club such as judges, bird planters, trial chairperson, etc. Our trial schedule can change due to weather conditions so please check website for updates. Feel free to contact a board member for more information.

Check out our Rule Book

and By-Laws

for more information

Chukar Rules

 Training That Could Save Your Dog’s Life!

Snake avoidance is not at Strasburg location

The purpose of our Club is to provide a place for members to train their pointing Dog(s) year round and extended the hunting experience through friendly, competitive field trials. 
We strive to promote the pointing dog breed not for profit or personal gain but to promote upland game hunting, dog training, field safety and to share and teach others.

2017 dog of the year Midi owner Robert Wimpenny


Members plant birds, chair trials, attend fundraisers and various other tasks for the club and each other.  

Congratulations to all the dogs who placed for our chukar finals and the winner Briley, owner Jason Baldwin.



2016 chukar final winners Frank/Wentz, Kate/Warne, Baldwin, Blaze/Barensten, Corky/Prior, Ruger/House, Ruth/Ryker not pictured Jager/Wilson




For more club information
Please Contact:

President: Robert Wimpenny

Jason Baldwin

"The purpose the club to help owners train their dogs and extend the hunting experience with friendly people, friendly
competition and land to train on"