2015 dog of the year winner

Midi, owner Robert Wimpenny

2016 Dog of the year

Frank, Owner Jeremy Wentz

2015 Chukar Championship Winner

Kelly, owner Robert Wimpenny

2017 dog of the year Midi

owner Robert Wimpenny

2017 Chukar Championship Winner

2018 Chukar Championship Winner

Briley, owner Jason Baldwin

2016 Chukar Championship Winner

Frank, owner Jeremy Wentz

2014 Chukar Championship winner:

Midi, owner Robert Wimpenny

2013 Chukar championship winner

Blaze, owner Ken Barensten

2014 Dog of the year winner:

Kelly, owner Robert Wimpenny 

2013 Dog of the year winner :

 Baron, owner Pam Malesker