Colorado Gun Dog Association



Membership dues remain at $100.00 annually, and must be paid on or before January 1st.

We ask all current members to fill out a new Membership form and Indemnity Agreement form each year so we can update our email and other information.

Any new member joining after our field trial schedule is completed for the year, about June 1st, will be paid through the following calendar year.

Example: New members joining in July of 2014 will be paid through the 2015 calendar year can start using the CGDA grounds for training and attend club functions. Let the fun begin! 

Your Dues of $100.00, along with these forms

Send to:
Colorado Gun Dog Assoc., Inc.
c/o Jason Baldwin
7568 S. Duquesne Way
           Aurora, CO 80016             

Please read the rule book before you enter a Trial

Pricing may change at any time by CGDA