Format 2: CGDA Open (NSTRA Trial)

 The first and most popular format . 

The rules for this format are described the Rules Book linked below in the "Chukar Trials and Hunts Scoring & Rules" section. Trials using this format are shown on the Events Calendar as:"Chukar Championship Series Trials" We run two advanced fields and one novice field per trial day.Placements will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place for each Chukar Championship series Trial. All dogs placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be qualified for the Chukar Championship Trial. In the event that additional dogs are needed for the Championship Trial, the Board Members will look at 4th place dogs considering scores and times for entry in the Chukar Championship Trial, Download and submit the:
Chukar Championship Series Entry Form
Please read the Rule Book

Format 1: Chukar Championship Series​

Trial Objectives

The second format is called the CGDA Open Trial Format. These trials use National Shoot to Retrieve Association rules as described in the Rules Book linked below in the "CGDA Open Hunt (NSTRA Rule Governed)" section. Trials using this format will appear on the Events Calendar as:"CGDA Open Trials"There is a lot of us that like this trial as well. During these trials, we run two classes (Novice and Open) in one field using 2 dogs and 2 handlers in the same field using CGDA Open format (NSTRA rules). Placement in these trials do not qualify you for the Chukar ChampionshipTo enter the CGDA Open download:

CGDA Open Trial Entry Forms

NSTRA rule book

Here are some Scenarios from the NSTRA Rule Book

If you would like to join us or attend a trial we would love to have you.

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